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American Metal Roofs of Wisconsin Asks: Do You Need to Vent?

You may have more reasons to vent, but in this article…we’re talking about your roof. Good ventilation of your Wisconsin roof does 2 things very well: prevent mold and and prevent ice damming. Nobody wants mold. Mold is caused by a combination of moisture, warmth and stillness.  When water leaks from the roof into the attic … Read more

Time to batten down the hatches

Is Your Northern Wisconsin Roof Prepared for Winter?

Early fall is the perfect time to check out your Northern Wisconsin roof to make sure it is prepared for winter. Getting out the binoculars and taking a stroll around your home’s perimeter while peering up at the roof can help you decide whether your roof is “good to go” for the winter or, if … Read more

Back to school

Roofing Terms: A Short Vocabulary Lesson

With summer wrapping up and fall fast approaching, many homeowners may find themselves saying “…we need to get this roof replaced before winter.” If that’s you, we want to provide a short session of roofing school for common roofing terms that can help you ask a roofing contractor good questions, understand the answers, and make … Read more