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Metals and Finishes: 2 Critical Things Most Contractors Don’t Know About Metal Roofing

Here’s a new series based on 10 critical things that most roofing contractors often don’t know about metal roofing….but we do. There are 10 considerations particular to metal roofing that most roofing contractors are simply not aware of. Here, begin explanations of 2 of those 10 critical considerations: Metals and Finishes. These 2 considerations are … Read more


The Financial Impact of Metal Roofing: Reduced Energy Costs

Summer will come to Northern Wisconsin. And when it does, our quality metal roofing systems will reduce home energy costs by keeping homes naturally cooler in hot weather and reducing summer air conditioning demand. 3 Ways  Our Metal Roofing Systems Can Reduce Energy Costs Special coatings of reflective pigment reflect away radiant heat. All the … Read more

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Protect Your Family and Investment with the Right Roof

The Home Improvement season is here, accompanied by the most active Home Buying season for northern Wisconsin. Whether renewing your existing home’s roof or contemplating the purchase of an older home, here are some great reasons to consider a metal roof from American Metal Roofing of northern Wisconsin.  3  great Reasons that Protect Your Family … Read more

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Choosing a Metal Roofing Supplier

As providers of specialty residential metal roofing, we’d love to have the opportunity to work hard for your confidence. However, whether you consider us or not, we want to share with you seven key things to consider when choosing a metal roofing supplier. 7 Key Considerations for Choosing a Metal Roofing Supplier   Type and … Read more

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Roof Weight: Find Out What’s Weighing You Down

Here’s an article addressing something of considerable substance: the weight of your home’s roof. How much do different roofing materials weigh? How does roof weight affect your home’s energy efficiency, value, and other things? Read on as we address those questions and more. Your Current Roof It’s important to understand your current roof system. Things … Read more


Your Wisconsin Home: Water and Its Trouble Makers

Water from rain and ice-melt brings a troupe of trouble makers to your Wisconsin home. Here’s a short list that can help you identify the pesky players…and address them: Rusted Exhaust Flues Over a period of years, condensation can cause steel exhaust ducts on furnaces and water heaters to rust. Holes in these ducts can … Read more