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Metal Roofing and Energy AMR of WI

Metal Roofing: Saving and Harnessing Energy with Your Home’s Roof

  Energy is increasingly a key factor to consider when making decisions for home improvements. How do we save or create energy for the future? It’s very practical to think about the durability or sustainability of the materials we use in our homes, not just as an environmental concern, but in terms of the cost … Read more

water damage American Metal Roofs of WI

Water Damage: Protect Your Home from Rain and Flooding

When it comes to protecting your home from water damage, there are two primary concerns – rain intrusion and flooding. Here in Northern Wisconsin we certainly get the rain, and our natural, wonderful lakes and waterways can sometimes flood. The Right Roof Eliminates Water Damage   Keeping water out during rain depends heavily on a … Read more

wind resistant roofing from AMR of WI

Our Interlocking Metal Roofing Panels Create Wind Resistant Roofing

Strong winds are prevalent everywhere, but here in northern Wisconsin, winds combine with rain and snow to cause our very own brand of storms. So, how do you protect your home from the damages that high winds cause?  Wind resistant roofing in the form of our interlocking metal roofing panels, when chosen and installed correctly, can withstand … Read more

buying a new roof - American Metal Roofs of WI

Buying A New Roof: Consider Durability, Wind Resistance and Resiliency

Many things can be accomplished with your home’s new roof. A good place to start your purchasing process is by understanding the major things which impact your decision and then thinking in terms of what your current roof offers and what it lacks that you want to address or correct with a new roof. Buying … Read more